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Jenkinson’s E-musement Card is a cashless and ticketless debit card system. Not only does the E-musement card significantly reduce paper waste, it also offers all the fun of Jenkinson’s on one easy card. Use it at participating arcades, rides, attractions, and more. Register your card for exclusive deals, and don’t worry – paper tickets will never expire.

What do I need to know about the new Jenkinson’s E-musement Card?

• Your card is valid not only for rides, but for games, arcades, discounts, and rewards too.
• Just like paper tickets, your card never expires.
• You can add more value to your card at all kiosks and certain POS locations on our property, as well as online.
• Cash is still accepted in the arcades and games as well as E-credits. You get more credits for your money than if you were using cash with bonus credits.

Emusement Card FAQ

What is the Jenkinson’s E-musement card?
• It is the new cashless card program that can be used instead of ride tickets, ride park wristbands, Arcade Play cards, and cash at our midway games.

What is an E-Credit?
• E-credits are the value put on the emusement card. 1 E-credit = $0.50

What are bonus credits?
• Bonus credits are free ride and arcade credits that are added to your card as a reward for purchasing and using it. You get more for your money using the E-musement Card than with cash.

Where can I get a card?
• Cards will be available at all ticket windows in the amusement park, Jenkinson’s South Arcade, South Beach Arcade, and at automated kiosks throughout the property.

Are cards free?
• Yes! There is no charge for the card. You receive a Jenkinson’s South E-musement card when you purchase credits to play arcade games or admissions to go on the rides.

How do I check my balance or recharge my card?
• To check your balance, recharge, link, and manage all of your cards, click the REGISTER / LOGIN button above.

Does everyone in my family need a card?
• That is up to you. You can each have your own card if you frequently visit. If you are here for one weekend, one card would work for the whole family. If you think you will split up, multiple cards may be helpful. However, the more cards you register and keep, the more chances you will have to accumulate valuable rewards.

What happens to the unused credits on my card?
• Your Jenkinson’s South E-musement Card and credits do not expire so you can keep it and reuse it forever. Sorry we do not refund unused credits.

What if I lose my card?
• An E-musement card is just like tickets or cash: Jenkinson’s South is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN CARDS. However, if you register your card and report it missing to Guest Services, we can put a hold on the account, transfer the balance and issue a new card.

Can I still win redemption prizes at Jenkinson’s South Arcade and South Beach Arcade?
• Yes! Redemption games at the arcades will still issue tickets for prizes. When you win tickets, you can redeem them for prizes at the Arcade counter or you can save them as Prize Points on your E-musement card and use them in the future.

Can I still use my Jenkinson’s South ride tickets?
• Yes. However, your tickets must first be converted to E-musement Credits at our Guest Relations booth. Paper tickets are no longer sold or accepted.

Where can I get more information?
• Email us at information@jenkinsons.com or call 732-295-4334


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