Emusement FAQS


  • Jenkinson’s South E-musement Card is a cashless and ticketless debit card system.
  • Use it at participating arcades, rides, games, attractions and more!
  • Cash is still accepted at the arcades and games as well as E-credits.
  • Register your card! If your card is lost, a new one can be issued to you. You can also avoid lines by filling your card online go to www.jenkinsons.com/emusementcard for more details.

Do you have an Emusement app?

We do! Easily check your card balance, register your card and more right on your phone.

To access the app TEXT the word JENKS to 797979 from your mobile phone. A link to the web app will be sent to your phone.

What is an E-Credit?

  • E-Credits are the value put onto an E-musement Card. 1 E-Credit = $0.50

What are Bonus Credits?

  • Bonus Credits are free ride and arcade credits that are added to your card as a reward for purchasing and using it. You get more for your money using the E-musement Card than with cash. Bonus Credits are only accepted on rides, games, and at Jenkinson’s South Arcade.

Where can I get a card?

  • Cards are available at all ticket windows in the Amusement Park, Jenkinson’s South Arcade, South Beach Arcade, at automated kiosks throughout the property, and online at Jenkinsons.com.

Where can I use my Emusement Credits?

  • Emusement Credits can be used at South Beach Arcade, Jenkinson’s South Arcade,  Amusement Park Rides, Rooftop Batting Cages, Jenkinson’s South Boardwalk and ride Park Games, Lighthouse Point Mini Golf, Adventure Lookout Ropes Course, and our 7D Darkride Theater.

How do I check my balance or recharge my card?

  • To check your balance, recharge, link, register, and manage all of your cards go to www.jenkinsons.com/emusementcard. On site, can check your balance at any kiosk, ride ticket booth, or arcade game reader. Check your balance fast on your mobile phone. TEXT the word JENKS to 797979 . A link to our E-musement app will be sent to your phone.

What happens to unused credits on my card?

  • Your E-musement Card and credits do not expire so you can keep it and reuse it. Sorry we do not refund unused credits.

Are my paper ride tickets still good?

  • Yes. However, your tickets must first be converted to Ride Only Credits at our Guest Relations Booth. Paper tickets are no longer sold or accepted. Ride Only Cards are only accepted at the rides and not Arcades, Games or Attractions.

How do I use my Card?

  • While in the Ride Park, at a Game, or Attraction, your card will be scanned before admission or play.
  • When in the Arcades, you can scan/swipe your E-musement Card at the game of your choice and play.

Can I split up my E-credits for multiple family members?

  • Yes. You can split up your cards easily at our Guest Services booth in the Amusement Park, Jenkinson’s South Arcade, or South Beach Arcade.

What if I lose my card?

  • Like tickets or cash, we are not responsible for lost or stolen cards. If you register your card and report it missing to Guest Services, we can deactivate the account, transfer the balance and issue a new card.

Where can I get more information?

  • Call 732-295-4334
  • Email us at information@jenkinsons.com

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