Sloth: Wally


· Plush
· Personalized certificate
· 5×7 photo
· Personality card
· Information packet
· Animal painting (penguins & seals only)
· Two complimentary passes
· Discount coupon for an encounter

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Species: Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth

Birthday: unknown, 2016

Weight: 10 lbs. (he is still growing and will get to be around 15-20 lbs.)

Personality Traits: Wally is pretty laid back. He likes to lounge around and sleep most of the day (he can sleep up to 18 hours a day!). He loves eating, especially squash! He will usually wake up just to eat his food then go back to sleep. He also enjoys meeting the aquarium’s guests during his educational chats.

Interesting Fact: Wally is named after the DC Comics character Wally West aka Kid Flash, who is The Flash’s sidekick.

Wally is currently not on exhibit.

Adopt-An-Animal Package Includes:

A plush animal
Personalized certificate
Animal Fact Sheet
5×7 Color Photo
2 Complimentary Aquarium Passes
Biography sheet
Discount coupon on an Animal Encounter