Outreach & Focus Programs

Jenkinson’s Aquarium offers educators an effective way to introduce the wonders of the natural world to their students. Our education programs provide an excellent introduction or conclusion to your unit of study, and are an exciting experience that students will remember forever. Guided tours are available year round. All tours, outreaches and focus programs are adapted to the appropriate grade level and support the Next Generation Science Standards.

Outreach Programs
Outreach programs are based on distance from your establishment to the aquarium. Listed below are all of the outreach programs that we offer. To inquire about outreach program pricing, please e-mail education@jenkinsons.com or call 732-899-1659 and ask for the Education Department.

Focus Programs (Available select months)
Enhance your guided tour with a 30-minute focus program designed to provide an in-depth experience for your students. Many focus programs include live animals and visual aids to help students understand key concepts. For more information please call Group Sales at 732-892-3274. Focus programs are available from September through February, and can be booked along with a guided tour by calling Group Sales at (732) 892-3274. If you would like to discuss the content of your focus program or to design a new focus program, please contact the education coordinator at (732) 899-1659.

Outreach & Focus Programs


Where the River Meets the Sea*

Estuaries are where freshwater rivers meet the saltwater of an ocean. They provide essential habitat for wildlife and are incredibly valuable to us as well. Learn how human activities affect the health of these natural areas and discuss ways to help conserve them.



No Bones About It*

Students will discover the world of invertebrates, the most abundant animals on Earth. Biofacts and live specimens such as sea stars, urchins, snails, and horseshoe crabs will be used to discuss the various groupings based on common characteristics.


Fishy Scales and Shark Tails

Learn the similarities and differences between various types of fish. Their colors, shapes, fins, and behaviors will all be discussed. Discover why sharks are unique, and how these awesome predators benefit our oceans.



Wild Places, Amazing Spaces*

Discover some of the world’s most fascinating habitats and the adaptations that the animals need to live there. Learn how human activities are affecting some of these places and how we can keep them healthy.

Jeninson's Aquarium

Outrageous Reptiles*

Explore the characteristics of our scaly friends, the reptiles! Meet reptile ambassadors to learn about their differences and how they adapt to their habitats.

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Penguin Pointers*

Waddle into the world of these beloved flightless birds! Learn their basic biology, where they live, the threats they face, how we can help them in the wild, and how we care for this endangered species at the aquarium.


jenkinson's aquarium penguin chick

Species Survival*

(Middle and high school)
Learn how the conservation efforts of aquariums and zoos benefit endangered animal species. Meet one of our African penguins while learning about threats to their survival. Learn why Jenkinson’s Aquarium’s involvement in a Species Survival Plan is designed to ensure a healthy population for the future.



Rainforest Revelations*

We will explore the different layers of the rainforest and discover the importance of this incredible habitat. Learn how we can help conserve them for future generations.



Not Your Average Bear

There are 8 species of bear but none can compare to the polar bear. Learn all about the king of the north and its Arctic home!
We will also discuss the effects of a changing climate on the Arctic and all that call it home.


Talking Trash*

Not just about litter, this program invites students to look at trash from a marine animal’s point of view. Emphasis is on the effects of single-use plastics on our waterways.



Our Changing Planet

(Middle and high school)
We will discuss the causes and the effects of a changing climate on our planet – its ecosystems, animals and people too. Students will be challenged to think about their actions and how they can make a difference.



New Jersey’s Precious Pinelands*

It is the country’s first National Reserve and a unique and fascinating ecosystem. Learn all about the history of these vast oak-pine forests, their diverse wildlife, and more.


An asterisk (*) indicates that a live animal is part of the program.
All other programs include biofacts (such as furs, feathers and skulls) to create a hands-on experience for the participants.

All programs are aligned with The Next Generation Science Standards.

Not seeing what you are looking for?
The staff at Jenkinson’s can tailor a program to fit your needs!
Contact the Education Department at 732-899-1659 extension 134 or email to education@jenkinsons.com.