Internship Description

All interns will help with working on the floors and groups when it is necessary. Potential interns must be 18 years of age or older, and must be willing to work flexible hours including weekends, days, evenings, evening functions and occasional holidays throughout the year. Interns must be able to climb a ladder, swim, lift 50 lbs., work and climb into small, confined areas, and have good written and oral communication skills. They must be able to constantly climb stairs throughout the day, stand for long periods of time, occasionally work in stressful situations, complete projects with deadlines, juggle many duties at once, and be flexible with a small amount of notice regarding their daily schedule.

The deadline for summer internships is February 14th.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to

Interpreter Internship

Aquarium interpreters will be required to spend time working on the floors in the main exhibit areas, interacting with the public, responding to questions, and miscellaneous housekeeping chores. They will also be handling animals in the touch tanks for visitors to touch. They will be expected to give interpretive talks on each significant exhibit throughout the day, either at a scheduled time or accompanying a feeding demonstration, on a microphone, while working on the floors. Outreach programs require the intern to bring animals out of the building to schools, nursing homes, day cares, etc. During the busy group season, interpreters are required to greet groups outside. In addition, aquarium interpreters will be expected to contribute to the overall maintenance of the Aquarium and will be required to clean the penguin exhibit and various other exhibits. Attendants will also be expected to partake in birthday parties by touring the party, hosting it or wearing an aquarium related costume. Those interpreters who show some aptitude, initiative, excel in their floor work and groups will be given the opportunity to feed and help prepare food for one or more of the exhibits, participate in daily water quality analysis and be given various projects to complete.

Aquarist Internship

Aquarist interns will be responsible for the maintenance, cleaning and adjustment of aquarium equipment on all tanks. They will also maintain equipment and service areas. They must be familiar with the natural history and husbandry of the animals on and off exhibit and must participate in the collection, restraint and transportation of animals to be placed on or off exhibit. Interns will monitor large aquarium tanks and pumps daily with regard to system pressures and flow rates, evaluating fittings for leaks, adjusting flows and water levels as necessary and doing water changes as necessary according to results of daily water quality analysis or routines.

Animal Care Internship

Animal care interns will be required to work with and care for the various animals in the aquarium. Maintenance, husbandry and care for many of the resident animals is expected. Helping prepare the food for the animals and helping the aquarists with water changes and water quality is required. Interns must demonstrate knowledge of the animal collection and meet with the head keepers and aquarists on a regular basis.

Education Internship

Seeking enthusiastic, outgoing, and flexible individuals to assist our education staff with a variety of programs. Should have an interest in, and knowledge of, marine life with a strong desire to learn more. Duties include the interpretation of aquarium exhibits for school groups and the general public, assisting with the presentation of outreach programs, birthday parties, and special event days. Interns should be comfortable with handling a variety of wildlife for live animal demonstrations, including birds, reptiles, insects, and marine invertebrates. Creating educational materials, researching topics, and clerical tasks may be included.

Summer Camp Internship

Summer Camp interns will be involved in our two summer education programs: Aquarium Explorers & Junior Keepers. A background knowledge of marine life or related field is useful for teaching the camps’ educational topics. Interns must be able to relate materials to campers ranging in age from 5 to 16 years old. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, preparation of camp materials, researching topics, hands-on demonstrations, arts and crafts, and behind the scenes tours. Camp Interns must also be comfortable handling a variety of animals for live animal presentations.


Hospitality Internship

Jenkinson’s Aquarium’s Hospitality Internship offers a unique opportunity to gain customer service experience while working at a tourism destination. A hospitality intern’s primary goal will be to assist Aquarium and Boardwalk visitors and groups in creating lasting memories. Excellent communication skills and problem solving are key traits for this position.


Duties may include: 

The Hospitality Intern will be responsible for a range of duties including, but not limited to:

  • Greeting guests and groups visiting the aquarium and boardwalk;
  • Processing paperwork for groups checking in for group tours at the aquarium, rides, and/or other services reserved through the group sales office;
  • Processing payments made by check, credit card, and/or cash;
  • Confirming by telephone, groups scheduled for tours at the aquarium by reviewing the number of participants, times, lunch arrangements, and anything else that has been selected on the Group Confirmation Sheet;
  • Coordinating with aquarium staff when group arrives;
  • Answering questions and providing accurate information about the programs and services offered by the aquarium and boardwalk;
  • Coordinating with boardwalk staff the group lunch times, lunch orders (pizza count), and location of lunch; and
  • Performing other assigned duties to obtain the goals and mission of the aquarium and boardwalk.


We look for the demonstration of the following key attributes:

  • Must have an interest in working with people, able to navigate stressful situations in a professional manner, and a willingness to learn.
  • Ability to be on-site and work at Jenkinson’s Aquarium throughout the summer for a minimum of 20 hours per week.
  • Ability to work independently and in a group environment with excellent communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, and attention to detail.
  • Must be able to stand or walk for long periods of time inside the aquarium and outside on the boardwalk and beach.


Jenkinson’s Aquarium’s mission is to inspire a sea of change. We are committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion.


Jenkinson’s Aquarium is an Equal Opportunity Employer.