Penguin: Lilo


Each Penguin Adoption Kit Includes:
penguin plush with matching ID band
personalized certificate
5×7 color photo of your penguin
personality card on your penguin
information packet
8×10 penguin foot painting
two complimentary passes to the aquarium
discount coupon for an animal encounter

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Hatch Day – February 8, 2018

  • Bead Colors – 2 transparent pink, 1 sparkle red and 1 sparkle gold on the left wing (female)
  • Weight – 7 pounds
  • Personality Traits – Lilo is extremely sweet and calm. She loves puffing her chin up when excited and will follow her favorite keepers around like a little shadow.
  • Interesting Fact – Lilo has a brother, also known as a clutch mate, named Stitch. Lilo also has a unique black dot above her left eye that looks like a birth mark.
  • Favorite enrichment toy/other item – Bubbles
  • Related to – Stitch (brother), Zuko (nephew)