camp in a box

We can't be together in-person, but the Jenkinson's Aquarium Camp in a Box contains some of our very favorite camp activities and crafts!

Also included is online access to a pre-recorded program for the theme you choose. Join an aquarium interpreter as they tell you about amazing animals, their habitats and more. Campers will also get an invite mailed to them for a live virtual visit with our ambassador animals on select days.

These boxes can be picked up curbside or mailed to you (at an additional cost). Some supplies such as glue, scissors, markers or crayons are not included. Some activities may require adult supervision.

To purchase a Camp in a Box call 732-899-1659 (Extension 131) or email at

Cost: $100 per box

Flippers, Fur and Fun!

Marine mammals are amazing! You will explore which animals are considered marine mammals, their characteristics, and what is being done to protect them through crafts and activities.

Backyard Buddies

Whooo's in your backyard? Explore what amazing animals can be found right there in your yard, neighborhood, or local park! Included are crafts, activities, and projects to make your yard wildlife friendly!

Tube Feet and Tentacles

Making up an estimated 97 percent of all living species, invertebrates are truly nature’s unsung heroes, playing a key role in maintaining a healthy environment. We will look at some of the most familiar marine invertebrates such as sea stars, crabs, and cuttlefish! Learn about them through crafts and other activities.

Rainforest Adventures!

We are gearing up to go on an expedition deep into the rainforest. Adventure awaits you as you explore the layers of the tropical rainforest and the amazing animals that live there. Discover what products we use that come from rainforests, including some of the foods we love to eat. Learn all this through crafts and other activities.

Shark Shenanigans

It is all about sharks and their cousin, the stingray. These misunderstood marine predators have an important role to play in keeping our oceans healthy. Learn what makes them special, what their threats are and how we can all help through activities, crafts, and more.

Pollinator Palooza!

Butterflies, birds, bats, and bees oh my! Can you imagine not having flowers, honey or even chocolate? Without pollinators we would not have many of the things we love. Learn the importance of these amazing creatures and how we can all help them through activities, crafts and more

Perfectly Penguin

Most people think of penguins as living in very cold climates such as on the continent of Antarctica, but most live in more temperate areas like Africa, New Zealand, the Galapagos, Australia, and South America. Learn about the 18 different species, adaptations that help them survive and more through crafts and activities

Curbside Pickup

phone: 732-899-1659
(Extension 131)

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