Penguin: Betty


Each Penguin Adoption Kit Includes:
penguin plush with matching ID band
personalized certificate
5×7 color photo of your penguin
personality card on your penguin
information packet
8×10 penguin foot painting
two complimentary passes to the aquarium
discount coupon for an animal encounter

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Hatch Day – March 23, 2014

  • Bead Colors – 2 baby green, 1 transparent blue and 1 dark pink on the left wing
  • Weight – 6.5 pounds
  • Personality Traits – Betty is adventurous. She’s very vocal and affectionate towards the staff. She spends a lot of her time swimming in the pool.
  • Interesting Fact – Betty was part of a double clutch (2 fertile eggs at one time). Because of this, she was fostered by another penguin couple, while her brother stayed with their parents. She is named after Betty’s Bay, a town in South Africa where her wild cousins can be found.
  • Favorite enrichment toy/other item – nesting strips
  • Related to – Oswald & Elmer (offspring), Dassen (mother), Captain Jack (sibling), Kringle (aunt)