Wake up with Wally

January 13, 2024 9:30-10:30
Did you know sloths can sleep up to 15 hours a day? Join Wally for an (early for him) morning visit! Come in your pajamas and read a book, make a craft and have a visit with our sleepy sloth! Children ages 4-8. $20 per child.  This is a drop off/pick up program. Includes general admission for the day.

To book your spot for Wake up with Wally, please select 1 child below then January 13th on the calendar. Dates with availability are shown in green on the calendar. Fill out Child’s Name and Birthdate and select Book Now.  If you are registering multiple children you can click on continue shopping from your cart. No Refunds. General admission for the day included. Payment is required at booking.  No Refunds. Any questions please contact education@jenkinsons.com.

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