• Captain Jack
  • Captain Jack


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Hatchday – February 22, 2015
Bead Colors–2 sparkle green,1 transparent blue and 1 dark pinkon right wing (male)
Weight – 7 pounds
Personality Traits – Captain Jack can be a very affection boy. He enjoys the company of the staff members, but he’s still getting used to his colony mates.
Interesting Fact – The spots on his belly make it look like he’s wearing a pirate sash, hence why he is named after Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Favorite enrichment toy/other item – staff’s keys
Related to – Dassen (mother), L.P. (father), Aghulas, Vern Betty, Simon (siblings), Checkers (grandmother), Kringle (aunt), Jonesy (great-grandfather)

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