Aquarium Explorers Summer Camp

July 9th – 11th : Shark Shenanigans

July 16th – 18th : Mammal Mania

July 30th – August 1st : Penguin Palooza

August 13th – 15th : Shark Shenanigans

August 20th – 22nd : Radical Reptiles & Amazing Amphibians
(See Theme Descriptions Below)

Tuesday thru Thursday from 8:30am-11:30am.
Ages 5-10 years old
$250 per child per session

This camp is sure to provide both a fun and educational experience for all who attend. Participants will learn about our animals and their wild habitats through games, educational activities, crafts and ambassador animal visits. Campers are required to wear sneakers. Weather permitting, part of the day will be spent outdoors.  As we will not be having lunch, we suggest each camper bring a reusable water bottle and a snack to enjoy during breaks. Space is limited. General admission for the day included.

To reserve your spot for our Aquarium Explorers, please select 1 child below and select the date on the calendar you would like to visit. Available sessions show Tuesday date in green on the calendar (but you are signing up for Tuesday – Thursday of that week). Fill out Campers Name and Birthdate and select Book Now.  If you are registering multiple children, or multiple weeks you can click on continue shopping from your cart. Payment must be made at the time of registration. No Refunds.

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Shark Shenanigans: It is all about sharks and their cousin, the stingray. These misunderstood marine predators have an important role to play in keeping our ocean healthy. Together we will learn about what makes them special, what their threats are, along with how we can all help.

Penguin Palooza: Did you know that not all penguins live where it is cold? Come learn about the different species, where they live, the adaptations that help them survive there and more!

Mammal Mania: From the freezing tundra to the tropical rainforest and the big blue ocean, mammals can be found all over the world. These amazing animals are very different and live in very different habitats, but there are a few things that unite them. Join us in exploring this group of animals!

Radical Reptiles and Amazing Amphibians: Amphibians and reptiles might seem similar – but they are quite different and often overlooked because they are not warm or fuzzy. We will explore the similarities and differences between them, as well as why they are important to the places they live.

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