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Product Description

Hatchday – February 25, 2015

Bead Colors – 2 lime green, 1 transparent blue and 1 dark pink on right wing (male)

Weight – 7 pounds

Personality Traits – Simon is very “needy”. Whenever he sees a human (staff or visitor), he “cries” to them in hopes that he’ll get fed.

Interesting Fact – Simon is named after Simon’s Town, which is a city in South Africa that Boulder’s Beach is located in. Our exhibit is based on Boulder’s Beach, which is one of three mainland spots that African Penguins can be found in.

Favorite enrichment toy/other item – staff’s shoelaces

Related to – Dassen (mother), L.P. (father), Aghulas, Vern Betty, Captain Jack (siblings), Checkers (grandmother), Kringle (aunt), Jonesy (great-grandfather)